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Some words about us

We got to realise the Magento site search is not fulfilling for today's demands.
Vubla is an intelligent cloud search solution used by enterprise Magento stores. But, who is the people behind?

The Beginning

Vubla have more than 8 years of experience within e-commerce, which gives Vubla a unique understanding of customer's needs. When Anders (CEO) was a merchant himself he discovered a lack in the performance of the site search solutions available. Thus, the market for cloud based search solutions were investigated, but the solutions were not fulfilling - that became the starting point of Vubla.

The Solution

Vubla is an enterprise SaaS that scales search performance with your search traffic and provides intelligent search features that is expected by today' users. Vubla has one simple goal - to increase your conversion rate. Vubla' search solution is developed with the e-commerce merchant in mind, as we have been there ourselves and is build on top of strong opensource software. Vubla has been developed in a way that allows our product to deliver a clear ROI for our customers.

Hi, we are team Vubla

Rasmus Prentow, CTO at Vubla.

Rasmus Prentow - CTO

Rasmus is the team's always smiling system architect. If it was for him to decide, buttons were still text links and logos written with easy readable text. :-) Rasmus is one of the brains behind Vubla' search technology and he loves to work with complex problems. In his spare time he plays Qianball, that should be some kind of mix between squash and tetherball - at least this was what we have understood.

Alex Bondo Andersen, CEO.

Alex Bondo Andersen - CEO

Alex is a cool dude and with his positive mind he brings the complicated code in control. When Alex has set himself up to something, it will get done, as he is persistent and loves what he does - to code! In his spare time he codes his own role playing game, where the mission is to assemble an army and conquer world domination.

Razi Kantorp, Web & grapic designer at Vubla.

Razi Kantorp - Web & grapic designer

Razi is the team’s Swedish artist and creative mind. With the base in Stockholm she handles the visual part of Vubla and make our front-end running. She lives and breath design, digital as well as print design. Besides a strong habit of coffee drinking, she likes to spend time kickboxning and solving soduku.